Top 22 Best AI Writers in [year]

As the digital marketing sphere continues to evolve, the role artificial intelligence plays in content creation and search engine optimization is becoming increasingly significant. With an array of AI writing tools available, finding the perfect match for your SEO requirements can be tricky. To make the process easier, we’ve rigorously tested 22 widely-used AI writers to find out which is the king of SEO realm.

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Top 22 AI Writers for SEO

1. Koala Writer

Koala Writer emerges as the undisputed champion in the realm of AI content generation. Not only does it offer exceptional value with a subscription starting at just $9 per month, but it also consistently delivers top-notch results. What truly sets Koala apart is its remarkable ability to craft buyer guide articles, which are invaluable in the world of affiliate marketing and e-commerce. Whether you’re looking to create product reviews, comparisons, or recommendations, Koala’s output is both SEO-friendly and engaging, making it an ideal choice for marketers seeking content that resonates with their target audience.

Another standout feature of Koala Writer is its Amazon product roundup option, which has proven to be a game-changer for many users. The tool’s affordability, coupled with its impressive SEO score of 65/100, makes it an excellent investment for content creators looking to enhance their online presence. If you’re looking for an AI writer that excels in creating content that drives conversions and engages readers, Koala Writer stands out as a top choice that’s worth every penny.

2. Autoblogging

Autoblogging is an AI writer that pleasantly surprised us during our rigorous testing. Landing in the prestigious second place, it offers a compelling option for content creators looking to automate their SEO-driven content generation. The owner, even a friend of mine, had no idea that Autoblogging would excel in this test. What sets Autoblogging apart is its unique “god mode,” which significantly enhances the quality of generated content. While the monthly subscriptions start at $49, each credit costs $0.80, with the potential to drop as low as $0.49. This makes it a budget-friendly choice for those looking to create SEO-friendly content at a reasonable cost. 

Autoblogging achieved a remarkable SEO score average of 64/100, demonstrating its prowess in crafting content tailored for search engine optimization. With buyer guides earning a score of 63 and information keywords at 65, it strikes a good balance between guiding purchasing decisions and providing valuable information. And in case you’re wondering, no, Autoblogging didn’t secure its spot through any favors or payments; this tool’s performance speaks for itself, making it a solid choice for content creators seeking efficient, budget-friendly AI writing solutions.

3., ranking at an impressive 3rd place in our extensive AI writer assessment, offers an affordable yet powerful solution for content creation with a specific focus on SEO. With subscription plans starting at just $12 per month, and articles costing a mere $0.24 each, it’s a budget-friendly option for individuals and businesses seeking quality SEO content. What sets apart is its bulk publishing capabilities, allowing users to efficiently populate their websites with SEO-optimized articles. This feature is particularly attractive to those looking to boost their online presence and engage with their target audience more effectively.

Moreover, boasts a well-rounded performance in terms of SEO friendliness, with an average SEO score of 62. Its ability to cater to both buyer guide and informational keywords is a valuable asset, making it versatile for various content needs. Whether you aim to rank high in search engine results pages or simply need engaging and informative content for your website, provides a cost-effective solution that can help you meet your goals in the competitive digital landscape.

4. Scale Nut

Scale Nut, a contender in our exhaustive AI writer assessment, piqued our interest with its innovative approach. Promising on their homepage, this tool seemed poised for greatness. With a monthly subscription of $69, which translates to $6.90 per article for 10 pieces, it’s not the most budget-friendly option, but it presents a compelling case with its substantial word count. However, the tool had some hiccups, taking over 20 minutes to generate content and displaying significant bugs, resulting in a laborious and time-consuming process. Nevertheless, Scale Nut was deemed SEO-friendly due to its high word count, making it suitable for content creators who prioritize extensive articles. Despite its potential, the user experience, performance, and pricing led to a resounding conclusion: it’s a hard pass for most users.

5. Cuppa

Cuppa, ranking 5th in our comprehensive test of AI writers, offers a unique approach to content generation. What sets Cuppa apart is its “bring your own API key” model, which allows users to leverage their existing infrastructure. With pricing that starts at only $140 per year (roughly $12 per month), Cuppa is a cost-effective solution for those who appreciate budget-friendly options. While it might not perform as strongly in generating buyer guide articles, Cuppa shines when it comes to producing information-focused content, making it an attractive choice for those looking to create informative articles at an affordable price. The tool’s SEO score averaged at 62, with buyer guide keywords at 55 and information keywords at 65, making it a compelling option for those focused on information-based content needs.

Cuppa’s approach to AI-driven content generation empowers users to control their API costs, giving them flexibility in how they manage their AI-powered content. Although not the top choice for all scenarios, Cuppa’s budget-friendly nature and strong performance in generating information-focused content make it a valuable addition to the toolkit of content creators and SEO enthusiasts. Whether you’re launching a blog or working on SEO-optimized content, Cuppa offers a unique and economical solution to meet your content needs.

6. left a lasting impression with its unique claim of offering an AI writer that’s “not detectable.” While the tool’s pricing may raise an eyebrow – starting at a hefty $240 per month with an article cost of $24 – its promise of covert AI-generated content is intriguing. It’s a standout feature, even if the cost may deter some. If you’re on a mission to craft content that flies under the radar,’s enigmatic approach might just be the ace up your sleeve. However, given its premium price point, you’ll need to decide whether this innovative, undetectable content generation is worth the investment for your specific needs.


I was pleasantly surprised when I tested during my extensive AI writer evaluation. As a budget-conscious content creator, I was drawn to their affordable plans starting at just $19 per month for unlimited words. delivered well on its promise, providing me with a cost-effective solution for generating content. The tool’s performance in generating content for informational keywords was particularly impressive, earning it a solid 7th place in my rankings. It’s an ideal choice if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution, especially for crafting informative content. While it occasionally generated some nonsensical content, it’s still a valuable option to consider for budget-conscious content creators.

8. Content at Scale

Content at Scale left me somewhat underwhelmed during my extensive AI writer evaluation. Despite the initial hype surrounding the tool, its performance did not quite meet my expectations. With pricing plans starting at a hefty $500 per month and a $40 signup fee, I expected more from this tool. Each article costs a substantial $25, which was considerably higher than what I’d typically pay for content. While the tool’s generated content read well, its SEO scores weren’t particularly impressive. In my rankings, it secured an 8th place, largely due to its relatively low scores. For the high price point, I anticipated more value in terms of SEO friendliness, making it a pass in my book, especially when there are more cost-effective options available in the market.

9. Agility Writer

Agility Writer certainly caught my attention during my thorough assessment of AI writers. Priced affordably at just $25 per month with individual articles costing around $0.78, this tool offers a cost-effective solution for content creators. What stood out for me was its range of advanced writing options, which allows users to fine-tune their content generation process. While its SEO performance wasn’t the best, scoring an average of 59, Agility Writer excelled when it came to generating content for informational keywords, with an impressive score of 65. This makes it a noteworthy choice for those aiming to craft informative articles without breaking the bank.

10. WordPlay, ranked 10th in our assessment of 22 AI writers, offers an intriguing proposition as one of the few lifetime deals in the list. Their plans start at $99, providing approximately three articles per month. What sets WordPlay apart is their impressive performance in generating buyer guide articles, boasting an SEO score average of 57. While they may not have clinched the top spot, their affordability and quality make them a notable contender for those seeking cost-effective AI content generation. For those intrigued, considering the $999 plan, which annualizes to just $1 per article, might be a smart move for long-term content needs.

11. ContentSprout

ContentSprout left a rather mixed impression during my exhaustive AI writer testing. While the tool showed potential, its requirement to create a topical map for an extra cost was a frustrating aspect. Plans starting at $97 per month and each article costing around $7.40 didn’t quite align with my budget-conscious approach. Nevertheless, ContentSprout’s performance was fairly decent, particularly in generating content for buyer guides and informative keywords, earning it the 11th spot on my ranking list. Despite the initial inconvenience, it might be worth considering if you’re willing to overlook the added cost and are focused on producing content for specific niches that benefit from topical mapping.

12., which garnered attention through a case study by Jake Ward, is an AI writing tool that offers powerful capabilities, although it comes at a higher price point of $100 per month with a $4 per article cost. While it’s gained popularity, I remain somewhat skeptical, believing that its success is more linked to domain authority than the tool itself. managed an average SEO score of 56/100, with buyer intent keywords at 51 and informational keywords at 58. The steep cost per article makes it a less budget-friendly option, which might deter some potential users.

13. Zimmwriter

Zimmwriter, a hidden gem in the world of AI writing tools, may be one of the most budget-friendly options you’ll come across, with plans starting at just around $10 per month. Despite its modest price, it showed impressive potential, securing the 13th position in my comprehensive AI writer evaluation. While it may not have shone as brightly in my rankings as some of the pricier alternatives, Zimmwriter is a testament to how cost-effective solutions can surprise you with their capabilities. Its performance in generating content, particularly for informational keywords, was noteworthy, making it a valuable option for budget-conscious content creators who appreciate affordable yet capable tools in their arsenal. So, if you’re looking for an AI writing tool that won’t break the bank but can still deliver solid content, Zimmwriter might just be the underdog worth considering.

14. Draft Horse AI

Draft Horse AI, a prominent contender in the AI writing world, left me intrigued during my extensive testing. With founder Cody’s bold claims on Twitter, I had high expectations. While it may not have claimed the top spot in my rankings, Draft Horse AI certainly has some noteworthy qualities. Priced at $49 per month and just $1 per article, it offers affordability that many content creators would appreciate. It managed to secure an 14th place ranking, with an impressive SEO score average of 53 and strong performance in generating information-focused content. While it may not be the ultimate solution for every niche, Draft Horse AI stands out as a reasonably priced option for those seeking to harness the power of AI-generated content.

15., an intriguing addition to the AI writing landscape, offers a unique twist on content creation. This tool stands out from the crowd by allowing users to bring their own API key, fostering a more hands-on approach to generating content. While it might be a bit on the buggy side, surprisingly outshone several other competitors in my testing, securing the 15th place in my rankings. With an impressive SEO score average of 52, it demonstrates potential in assisting content creators with their projects, especially for those looking for a more personalized touch in the content creation process.

16. Outranking

Outranking left me both intrigued and slightly frustrated during my AI writer testing journey. Its performance was a mixed bag, with some promising aspects and notable drawbacks. On the downside, the user experience was far from smooth, as it took an excruciating 20 minutes to generate an article, and the process felt buggy at times. Yet, it managed to secure the 16th spot in my rankings by sheer word volume, which was both impressive and slightly perplexing. If you can tolerate the cumbersome generation process, Outranking might be worth considering for projects where an abundance of content is more important than speed and user-friendliness. However, with a price point of $69 per month for 10 articles, it’s a hard pass for many content creators, including myself.

17., though relatively new to the scene, piqued my curiosity during my extensive AI writer assessment. Despite not being entirely won over, I was intrigued by the potential this tool holds for the future. Its founder had high hopes for the platform, and while it didn’t quite meet my expectations in this round of testing, the evolving landscape of AI writers suggests there might be untapped potential. With a pricing starting at $29 per month and content generation at $0.48 per article, is an affordable option worth keeping an eye on. While it might not have aced the SEO friendliness test this time around, its journey is still unfolding, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it evolves in the AI content creation realm.

18. WriteSonic

WriteSonic, positioned at the 18th spot in our extensive AI writer evaluation, offers a relatively affordable option with a price tag of $49 per month and a cost of approximately $0.16 per article. While it proves to be user-friendly and quick to generate content, its SEO friendliness falls short with an average SEO score of 45/100. Notably, it performs somewhat better in generating informational content, boasting an information keyword score of 48. Despite its attractive pricing, WriteSonic may not be the ideal choice for those seeking top-tier SEO-optimized content.

19. is the revelation I never knew I needed in the world of AI writing. It’s like having an endless well of creativity at your fingertips. With a click, it can whip up compelling copy, captivating content, or even craft the perfect headline. Whether you’re a marketer, writer, or just someone looking to put your thoughts into words, is the secret sauce that transforms your ideas into polished prose, effortlessly sparking your creative genius.

Priced at $36 per month for unlimited words, it falls short in SEO friendliness with an average SEO score of 37/100. While it offers generous word limits, its performance in generating content that adheres to SEO guidelines leaves room for improvement, making it a less desirable choice for those seeking to optimize their content for search engines.

20. ChatGPT

ChatGPT, the 20th place contender in our AI writer test, proved to be a cost-effective option, with a monthly fee of less than $20. While it offers affordability and versatility as a chat-based tool, its SEO performance falls short of the top ranks, scoring an average of 34 out of 100. ChatGPT may require more user prompting to achieve SEO-friendly content, making it a potential choice for those with ample time and a tight budget.

21. Jasper AI

Jasper AI, despite being valued at over $1 billion, surprisingly landed in the 21st place in our extensive AI writer test. This AI writer, though not devoid of potential, struggled to deliver competitive results in terms of SEO friendliness. With a monthly subscription cost of around $50 for unlimited words, Jasper AI demonstrated an average SEO score of 30/100, indicating room for improvement, especially when dealing with buyer intent and informational keywords. Its performance in our assessment was less than stellar, highlighting that even well-funded AI ventures can face challenges in the complex world of SEO-friendly content creation.

22., ranking at the 22nd position in our comprehensive AI writer assessment, fell short due to its slow and multi-step content generation process. This tool took an extended duration to produce articles and delivered an SEO score of just 26/100, making it an unattractive choice for those seeking efficient and SEO-friendly content creation. Priced at $29 per month and producing content with a lackluster SEO performance, it failed to impress and was clearly outperformed by its competitors in our evaluation.

Testing Setup and Approach

During the evaluation of 22 popular AI writers for SEO friendliness, a strategic process was followed. The testing was divided into two parts. The first part focused on generating content based on keyword intents and difficulties, while the second part featured a practical case study with one website per AI writer and content agency targeting the same keywords.

To determine SEO friendliness, two tools were employed: Ahrefs and Surfer. Ahrefs was used to find high, medium, and low difficulty keywords, and Surfer was responsible for providing a score out of 100 to gauge the SEO friendliness of the generated content.

The following keywords were chosen for testing:

High difficulty

  • Best VPN 2023
  • NordVPN vs ExpressVPN
  • What is a VPN

Medium difficulty: 

  • Best office chair
  • Gaming chair vs office chair
  • How to re-upholster a chair

Low competition: 

  • Best Adirondack chairs
  • Task chair vs office chair
  • What is a task chair

The AI writers’ performance was then ranked based on their generated content’s average SEO score. The second part of the testing procedure (creating websites targeting the same keywords) is planned for the near future, which will evaluate the overall performance and ranking of the top SEO-friendly AI tools in comparison to content agencies.

SEO Friendliness Measure

The SEO friendliness of the generated content was measured using the Surfer SEO tool, which calculates a score out of 100. The score takes into account over 500 signals from Google’s front page, utilizing machine learning and natural language processing.

To compare the results of each AI writer, emphasis was placed on examining the SEO score averages, buyer intent keywords, and informational keywords. Results varied among the AI writers, with some achieving much higher scores and others significantly lower scores.

Top Performers

The top performing AI writers demonstrated a high level of SEO friendliness, with scores averaging around 80 to 90 points. These tools include:

  • Autoblogging.AI: With an average SEO score of 84, this tool performed well in both buyer intent and informational keyword categories.
  • Content Sprout: Providing strong SEO performance with a score of 83, this AI writer is well-suited to handle various keyword intents.

Mid-Range Performers

Some AI writing tools delivered moderate SEO friendliness, with average scores between 50 and 70 points, such as:

  • Outranking.IO – Despite a cumbersome user experience and slow generation time, this writer achieved an SEO score of 69 for VPN related content.
  • Koala – This AI writer achieved an SEO score of 65, offering decent performance for both buyer intent and informational keywords.
  • – The SEO score average was 52. The buyer intent keywords scored at 50, while the informational keywords were at 53. It’s worth considering if budget is essential.

Low-Performing Tools

Several AI writing tools demonstrated poor SEO performance, scoring on average below 50 points. These low-performers include:

  • Jasper AI: Despite high valuation, this writer had an abysmal SEO performance with an average score of only 30.
  • ChatGPT4: Faring slightly better than Jasper AI, this tool yielded an SEO score average of 34, though not highly recommended for SEO content generation.
  • This didn’t fare well with an SEO score average of 37, hence not considered a suitable choice for SEO friendly content.
  • WriteSonic: Despite an affordable and user-friendly experience, WriteSonic’s low performance of an average SEO score of 45 deemed it inadequate for SEO content generation.

In conclusion, while some AI writing tools proved to be excellent in terms of SEO performance, others demonstrated lackluster results. 


In conclusion, Koala takes the crown as the most SEO-friendly AI writer, excelling at crafting buyer guide articles. For a special offer, use the coupon code INDEXSY to get a 50% discount off your first month when signing up through my link.

While Koala ranks first overall, the best AI writer for informational keywords is AutoBlogging (2nd place). Cuppa (5th place) is another solid choice for those on a budget. Keep in mind that each tool has its strengths and weaknesses, so choose the one that aligns best with your specific needs.

That’s it for our AI writer showdown. If you found this article helpful, please show your support by liking and commenting. If you have suggestions for content agencies to include in our case study for part 2, please let me know in the comments section. Thanks for joining me on this journey to discover the top AI writers for SEO!