Meta Rolls Out Generative AI Tool To All Advertisers To Help Tailor Ads


  • Meta is rolling out generative AI tools to all advertisers to better craft and target ads.
  • Almost all of Meta’s revenues depend on advertising, so a better experience for advertisers could benefit the company.
  • After testing a small group of advertisers starting in May, Meta’s expected to complete a global rollout by next year.
  • The new features will allow advertisers to create different backgrounds, adjust aspect ratios across multiple surfaces, and generate many versions of ad texts.

Meta Platforms’ (META) generative AI tools will be available all advertisers on its platforms to help them tailor their ads by customizing images and text to better target their audiences. Almost all (98%) of Meta’s revenue comes from advertising, and a better experience for advertisers could boost the company’s financials.

So What Can Advertisers Do With These New Tools?

With Meta’s AI-powered tools, advertisers can craft product background visuals, produce diverse iterations of ad copy, and seamlessly resize advertisements for Instagram and Facebook depending on what would appeal to their target audiences.

The company started testing these capabilities with a small group of advertisers earlier this year and hopes to complete the global rollout by next year.

The company says it is working on new features that will allow businesses to use AI to connect with customers on Messenger and WhatsApp, driving engagement through conversational responses.

Why Does This Matter?

In the second quarter, Meta as a whole made about $32 billion in advertising revenue. Offering tools that can help advertisers connect with their audience better could prove favorable for Meta’s financials.

Additionally, this is Meta’s debut in generative AI technology integration. Valuable insights can be extracted from extensive historical data, facilitating the creation of fresh content such as written text, artwork, and software code.

Last week, Meta held its Connect conference where it introduced a range of fresh AI features, including stickers and image editing. The tech giant also unveiled Meta AI, an advanced conversational assistant available on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram within the U.S.

Earlier this year, Meta’s biggest digital ads rival, Alphabet’s Google (GOOGL), said it would start offering integrations of the technology in its search, email and photo products. Users may use AI to create draft messages in Gmail or edit images in Google Photos.

Meta shares were down 1.6% in early trading on Thursday, amid broader market volatility.