Coke Zero Sugar creates new typography with AI as part of global campaign

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar has leveraged artificial intelligence (AI) to create a brand-new typography, which can “reveal” hidden letters inside every bottle, can and glass of the beverage.

After being reformulated in 2021 to deliver a new taste, the beloved zero-sugar beverage is now adding its own “voice” with a digital-driven expression as part of the “Best Coke Ever” global campaign.

Under the initiative, an object detection algorithm was trained to find lettered shapes across more than 100,000 photos of Coke Zero Sugar’s intrinsics—from liquid condensation to clustered bubbles to airborne fizz.

The resulting typography has been used to create words and messages, giving the product the chance to “speak for itself” for the very first time and inviting fans to experience the product both physically and digitally.

The innovative initiative also targets the Gen Z audiences with TikTok marketing, of which an interactive TikTok filter lets fans put their own spin on “It’s Gonna Be Me”, the new anthem for Coke Zero Sugar in 2024, via a singing Coke Zero Sugar bottle. The innovative feature adds a futuristic twist to the nostalgic song.

Furthermore, fans and aspiring producers can remix a library of signature Coke Zero sounds later this year, including the satisfying crack of an ice-cold can opening and familiar fizz of the liquid, into original tracks.

The campaign is promoted via multiple channels including interactive out-of-home advertising, tongue-in-cheek social media videos and multisensory in-store activations. QR code-activated vending machines will drive a massive Coke Zero Sugar sampling effort, and the music-focused “Just Add Zero” creative will promote the beverage as a delicious complement to foods from around the world.

“We’ve always known that Coke Zero Sugar has a taste that speaks for itself but wanted to take a closer look to see what the product had to say,” said Oana Vlad, senior director of global strategy, the Coca-Cola Company. “We turned inwards to find creative inspiration for what we wanted to be the most disruptive and digital/social-first iteration of ‘Best Coke Ever?’ to date. Coke Zero Sugar has found creative and experiential ways to engage consumers, but one critical voice has been missing. Until now.”

The “Best Coke Ever?” campaign aims to build on a solid 2023 for Coke Zero Sugar, which delivered strong growth by fusing flavour innovation and digital/IRL experiences through the Coca‑Cola Creations platform, according to Vlad. “We’re excited to continue this momentum in 2024 and beyond,” she added.

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