5 Differences Between SEO and PPC

Both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) are critical for digital marketing success. It is safe to say that both are useful as they play vital roles in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Britainreviews.co.uk is a reliable platform; you can check out to know more about SEO and PPC.

Several online courses teach people about the usefulness and use of both SEO and PPC in marketing. For instance, you can check online academies reviews about SEO courses to know and learn more. However, it is imperative to know that several differences distinguish them despite their functionality similarities.

One of the most crucial differences is in their names. For instance, Search Engine Optimization, as the name implies, attracts traffic for free. On the other hand, as the name suggests, the Pay Per Click involves paying a certain amount per click. Apart from this significant difference, there are several others which this article will help to explain better. They include the following: –

1.   Traffic

One of the significant differences that set SEO and PPC apart is traffic attraction for internet campaign marketing. Search Engine Optimization has always been known for its unique purpose of traffic potentials. That is the attraction of organic traffic through the apt management and sustenance of your website with keywords. On the other hand, Pay Per Click does not offer this organic traffic potential as it involves the payment of an amount to advertise. Hence, with SEO, organic traffic is ensured while paid traffic is with PPC.

2.   Position in search results

Another significant difference that distinguishes SEO and PPC is the factor of positioning in search results. Generally, organic searches or ads from SEO are usually in the middle position. Therefore, it becomes expected that you find PPC Ads either above or below the organic results in SEO. The only way to get your SEO Ads on the first page is to optimize your website for search engines. That way, your listings will appear on the first page rather than in the middle.

3.   Conversion

Conversion is also another factor that shows the differences between SEO and PPC in marketing. Conversion in this instance equates to the likelihood of a visitor making an informed decision to purchase, register, or answer a call for action on the website. While SEO may be considered the best for the generation of organic traffic, it does not bring about more conversion. PPC, on the other hand, has highly optimized keywords that will help generate more conversions. However, the generation of conversions on PPC will cost more.

4.   Cost

As mentioned above, the cost is one of the significant differences that set apart SEO and PPC. As the name implies, you have to pay to use PPC; on the other hand, SEO does not require money to function as it is free. In essence, you can say that the cost required for SEO is indirect, as even though you cannot pay for the first page, you may need to pay to get an SEO service. For PPC, you pay when people click on your ad. Google keyword tool will come in handy to calculate the amounts required.

5.   Convenience

Another significant difference that distinguishes both SEO and PPC is the factor of convenience and ease to use. The fact is that neither SEO nor PPC is easy and convenient to use. For instance, the usage of SEO requires patience and experience. PPC also requires some level of expertise, so you lose money for nothing.


It is essential that you know that both SEO and PPC are critical to marketing. Hence, you can consider making use of both to know which works best for you.